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Saturday, 23 January 2016 11:35
Dear Friends,
We are writing to solicit your support in ensuring that the upcoming the ARMS RULES 2015 do not lead to increased harassment and hardship for all citizens.
The reasons for seeking amendments to these rules are many:-

a) These rules will make acquiring licences next to impossible as well as owning/ storing/ carrying/ using licensed arms irrationally restrictive, thus significantly increase the harassment of law-abiding citizens.
b) Air-guns, paintball markers, blank-firing guns, replicas and even Diwali toy guns are to be now be treated as firearms, subject to the full force of the law - including the need for arms licences and the same penalties as those for owning illegal firearms.
c) Even little children who own and play with airguns or cracker guns will now become criminals under law if these rules get notified, as possessing these will require an Arms Licence, just like any other firearm, subject to the same limits and penal provisions.
d) Furthermore there are to be increased hassles for all license holders at the time of arms license renewal.
We are now at a crucial stage and need all the help we can get, otherwise these new (draconian) rules may become a reality within a matter of weeks.
To this end, those of you who are willing to help us should please get in touch with us at the earliest. In terms of specifics what we require is assistance from:-
1. Those of you who many be able to reach one/ more Member of Parliament/ MLA or any other law-makers
2. Those of you who are in the Media/ Press
3. Those of you who are Lawyers
4. Those of you who may be working in the Central Government
5. Those of you who are connected to the firearms/ replicas/ airgun manufacturing industry

We cannot emphasise enough how critical it is for us to find ways to have these rules amended before they become law.
All of us have experienced, to some extent or the other, the vagaries of the arms licensing process in our country and the attendant harassment & humiliation.
While these new rules claim to work towards simplification, they will only serve to make the process even murkier, subjective and far worse than it already is - defeating the entire intent with which citizens had demanded a review of these laws!

Please do come forward ASAP if you can help. Also, please share this information with other concerned citizens.
You can contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Warm regards,
National Association for Gun Rights India
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